Photonics news and updates for August 2022

A green laser hitting a beamsplitter on an optical table in Gavin Morley's lab

On this page you can find curated photonics industry news and updates for the month of August 2022 here. A big boost for the US Photonics Industry President Joe Biden signed …

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Lidar technology: the best of remote sensing

cars on road with lidar sensor topview

Light detection and ranging (sometimes abbreviated as LiDAR or lidar) is a remote sensing and ranging technique. Lidars use a laser to probe their surroundings to determine the position and velocity …

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The best tips and guide on lidar eye safety

Point cloud of a street intersection using a lidar mounted on a car

People are increasingly worried about lidar eye safety. Demand for lidar technology is increasing to satisfy applications like self-driving cars and aerial surveying. Twenty years from now we will have several …

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The ultimate photonics engineer survey

photonics engineer survey

This photonics engineer survey was carried out to identify the issues plaguing photonics engineers on a daily basis. Most (if not all) online surveys focused on photonics discuss salary. No one …

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Photonics – the technology of light

Photonics is concerned with the control of photons. As a technology, photonics focuses on manipulating light to achieve some practical goals like telecommunication, sensing, industrial processing etc. In photonics, photons are …

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How to become a photonics engineer

university library

Becoming a photonics engineer is a very future-oriented career option. With the advent of photonics technology as an enabler of other technologies, it is an excellent study choice. However, the question …

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