The best tips and guide on lidar eye safety

Point cloud of a street intersection using a lidar mounted on a car

People are increasingly worried about lidar eye safety. Demand for lidar technology is increasing to satisfy applications like self-driving cars and aerial surveying. Twenty years from now we will have several …

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Photonics – the technology of light

Photonics is concerned with the control of photons. As a technology, photonics focuses on manipulating light to achieve some practical goals like telecommunication, sensing, industrial processing etc. In photonics, photons are …

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Overview of the best photonics books: 2024 update

Books for physics student

If you are looking for information about photonics, you have many resources at your disposal. You have tweets, articles, blog posts (like this one), brochures, flyers, whitepapers, videos, and of course …

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